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    Doctoral researcher and school teacher

    I am a Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar in the department of Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, co-supervised by Professor Mike Savage and Professor Rita Astuti. I also have eleven years of experience teaching Geography in secondary schools in London and continue to do so alongside studying.


    My PhD research seeks to investigate how the (re)production of privilege occurs within an elite independent school setting in London through a specific focus on the concept of confidence. The study explores how confidence is inculcated as well as the ways in which it is articulated and embodied by students.


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  • Research Interests

    Sociology of education; Sociology of elites; Gender, class and inequality; Qualitative research methodologies; Peer research

  • Listen. Watch. Read.


    The Class Ceiling

    In this episode of Thinking Allowed Laurie Taylor examines the barriers to elite professions and the extent to which it pays to be privileged. The show features a discussion with Dr Sam Friedman about his extensive and seminal research into this important topic. Click on the image above to access the show.


    How to Break into the Elite

    Presenter Amol Rajan spends time with graduates from different backgrounds to explore how their experiences of the job market differ. The show cleverly contextualises individual student experiences within an academic context, whilst still appealing to a TV audience. Click on the image above to access the show.


    The Good University

    This important and lucid book provides a powerful and expansive critique of the current state of higher education at a variety of different geographical scales. Click on the image above to access a link to my review of this book on the LSE Review of Books blog.

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